This is the real deal.

Today you might explore how responsibilities are
divided in your workplace, Gary. You could be handling too much work by
yourself, and you might need to ask for some assistance from others. If
you are a supervisor or boss, this could come down to delegating tasks
in a new way. Your staff might need some re-organizing so that there is
a better flow with everyone's work. Look at this situation in a
practical way and do some brainstorming today.

Daily Horoscope.

I like my coffee black, just like my metal.

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Zakk Wylde is the shit..

"I'm on the death ride.. twisted and broken down.. forever on the wrong side!"

"Nothing ever lasts forever..." - The Watchers

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"God is a Fraud.." - Otep

The weekend is coming to a close... my weekend went by fast.. and the sad thing about it is that I sleep in more during the week while attending NSCC then during the weekend since I have to get up earlier for work! That's just not right!
During the week I can sleep in until 8:30 am..
Saturday morning I had to get up at 5:15 am!!!
Then this morning I had to get up at 6:15 am!!!
Just not right.... :(

So yesterday I worked 6-2 pm.. got off half an hour early.. wowies.. :P
Allison came over around 4 pm.. we watched Signs.. and a few spots in the movie were quite freakish! I'll give it a rating of 9/10.. same as her:D
Drove her home around 9:30.. (boooo!) hehe..
Got to bed at about 11...

Then so today I worked 7-3..
I ended up having to salt the walkway.. do outside garbages and go out to the shed for cups and lids.. and it was cold damnit!
Kathy, a woman who's been working there for like 3 weeks walked out and quit (to my knowledge) today, in tears... I found her annoying... supposedly a couple other workers (Patsy and Donna) were mean to her and were bossy... I saw the things going on.. Patsy was getting pissed because Kathy would purposely bump into her and shit.. then Kathy spilled hot coffee on Donna and Donna just glared at her.. then shortly after this she just quit.. it was insane.. but Patsy and Donna didn't do shit all really as far as I'm concerned.. :)

The soap opera of Tim Hortons.. *laughs*

With the new medium and coffee promotion for $1.69 (+ tax=$1.94) people are so lame! All they say is "yeah, I'd like that coffee and muffin special."
Huummm.. GAH! That really doesn't help.. I end up having to ask what they would like in their coffee, what kind of muffin they want and whether it's take out or eat in!

Do you make your Tim Hortons hot chocolate with chocolate milk</b> instead of white milk or cream added!? I do and it tastes the best:)

immorak and I are going out later to play (with each other) in the snow! yay! haha..
Then I have a memo to type up.. nothing serious..


Biting off hang nails really sucks..

This post will not be interesting or extraordinary or even use "[_]"... does it still interest you?

"Get up and move.. get back in the groove.. get up and fight.. get up and IGNITE!" - Escape From Earth
Download the three mp3's! Rockin stuff.

NSCC has been going well so far.. the Business Administration class is much larger than OIT was.. there are close to 40 people in the class.. and so three of my classes are in the same room due to other rooms not being large enough to fit us all!
My schedule is pretty cool I think.. I only have 3 classes each day except for Thursdays where I have 4.. this is because I completed Spread Sheets in OIT.. so I don't have to show up for that class for over a month until we start Data Base.
I get to sleep in until 8:30 am every morning.. and on Wednesday mornings I can sleep in until 9:30 am!
Some days I am done classes by lunch... so it is awesome.. tomorrow and Friday my Business Communications teacher is gone so I am done classes at lunch those 2 days! :)

I have to complete an online course - Intro to Business this semester.. since I missed that class first semester being in OIT.. and all the BA students already have credit..

Yesterday I went down to the bank to get $$$ for tuition and books... I was third in line so I thought I'd be in and out pretty quick! I thought wrong... an old man was at the teller for a good 20 mins.. and another couple were at the teller for 25 mins!!! Finally, after waiting for almost 25 mins it was my turn! and how long did it take for me to withdraw $XXX? All of 2-3 mins... I hate bank line ups.. there must be a way to improve it so that you're not waiting for so damn long... :(

This morning I went to the NSCC and paid the second half of my tuition ($1,025) and got 3 books for $175... grrr, books cost too much! and I think I may need to buy 2 or 3 more so I can complete some online courses... *not cool*

I stopped into Tim Hortons before I walked home today.. was planning no getting six muffins.. three of which would be chocolate chip.. no such luck! none left... so I just got three.. 2 blueberry and one lonely bananaberry burst! (for my parents.. I don't like those kinds.)

I had Wendy's for supper.. that chocolate frosty was yummy..
My grandmother got $2,000 from her ex-b/f... she lived with him for a few years.. and wanted to be paid back for all the work she did for him (cleaning, taking care of him and his things)..
She gave my dad $1,000 because he mentioned it to my grandmother's ex b/f.. and he agreed to giving her some money!

My mom is giving nailboy $50.. and she asked me if it was ok if she did that and gave me NOTHING because I work and he doesn't! WHAT!? He doesn't work and he gets $50 handed to him for what really!? I work.. yes.. but it's not as if I rake in big $$$! So I convinced her to give me $50 too! It's only fair.. :P

So right now I have approx. $500 in my Royal Bank account (Tim Hortons working)
I have $2,150 locked away and another $3,500 in the Nova Scotia Bank!
That is all money I have either earned working.. or received over the years during my birthday/Christmas/etc!
Net worth of Witchy = approx. $6,150

So immorak is at work... wish I was told that before... ! -_-

Well, nailboy and I are going out to play in the snow like two little children!

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Guess Who's Back!?

I'm back!

The computer is much better now... except......

The cable internet is real slow.. so it's probably not hooked up right or something.. so hopefully nailboy will be able to fix that tonight when he gets homes..
Also.. my speakers aren't working! but all will be fixed tonight.. (I guess?)

I'll probbaly be buying 128 MEGS of RAM to speed this baby up so that my burner works better and such.. I would test the burner out.. but I can't get Kazaa Lite downloaded since it takes too much time and it some times stops downloading entirely! *grr*
Even so.. it would take a few hours to download enough songs to put on a CD.. that's how slow the net is as of right now..

We have too much snow...

Work 3-10..
immorak : Want to do something later tonight (after 10pm)? If so.. leave a comment..


Update : Speakers are now working :P

What's New in ICQ Pro 2003a..

Well I just thought I'd update before I leave for work in 20 minutes...

The last few days have pretty pretty damn cool!
Friday immorak, sweetvein and I went down to the mall.. more specifically the CD store since there was supposed to be a sale.. I was figuring I'd definitely buy a music DVD or a CD.. something..... but nope.... only USED CD's under $9 were on sale for 50% off.. wow.... *cough gag*
At Blockbuster we rented 2 DVD's.. the first two Freddy Krueger movies... I really liked them!

Yesterday I worked 4 and a half hours.. I was just there to fill in for breaks... it was retarded.. and it was not busy at all.... oh well..
Then after work I got ready and headed to Allison's house.. stopped into Blockbuster and rented 2 VHS movies.. Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter and Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever...
Once in Lunenburg and at her house we walked down into the main part of town to return a movie (Minority Report which she gave a 9.5 out of 10!:P)... and then picked up a rising crust pizza for supper.. :)
The pizza was good.. a little salty.. but pizza always rocks! :D

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter was pretty good! althought somewhat predictable.. - 8/10
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever was a decent action movie.. nothing real spectacular.. - 7/10

All in all it was a very nice evening spent with Allison! ;) *kisses*

I work 3-9... only 6 hours.. hehe... someone from work called earlier seeing if I wanted to work for them on New Year's Eve! HA! No freakin' way... PARTY HARD! (at immorak's!!!) :}

Well I guess I better change and get going... GET TO THE GONE!

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What did Witchy get for X-Mas?

witchmooon got the following :

  • DVD player (Kodak picture, mp3 playback, etc!)
    PANTERA sweater (thanks again corrosivemind!)
    body spray (didn't think I smelled THAT bad..)
    2 tooth brushes, shaving cream, deodorant (no hair gel!)
    PJ bottoms, socks, underwear
    Spiderman DVD
    Don Cherry 14 DVD
    Triple H DVD
    $50 from aunt and uncle
    $50 from grandfather
    $10 from grandmother
    $20 from nailboy's g/f! (you really shouldn't have! Seeing as how I didn't get you anything..)

No sex.... this year! But hey, it's almost 2003! May be my lucky year? *lol* :P


Tonight..Overcast. Snow developing late this evening becoming heavy at times overnight. Snowfall amounts 20 to 25 cm. Winds increasing after midnight to northeast 60 km/h with gusts to 80. Poor visibility in blowing snow overnight. Low minus 2.
Thursday..Snow tapering to flurries by afternoon. Further snowfall amounts near 10 cm. Winds north 60 km/h with gusts to 80 diminishing to northwest 40 by evening. Poor visibility in blowing snow. High zero.

Hope every one got what they wanted today... :)
Happy Holidays.